Today’s pedal is the Spaceman Effects Saturn V Harmonic Booster!

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marxsound: do you sell the 24 watt power amp? thanks for your time p.s. hear my noise etc at marxsound

No, but you can contact the maker at


Space Is The Place.

The fantastically named Henry Twang sent this small but effective pedal board in to us, saying; "Here is my reverb/echo setup. Over the years I’ve used lots of tape echo machines and pedals. I’ve also owned quite a few reverbs but this Strymon setup is the best yet."

I’ve only messed about with their Mobius but Strymon are a fantastic company, check them out if you haven’t already!


24 watt power amplifier. This uses the Tiny Giant schematic, which is a pretty straight datasheet-recommended circuit for the TDA7240 chipamp (smaller cousin of the TDA7293 chip used in the power stages of Marshall Valvestate amps). No tone controls, just a volume knob. Runs on an old 20V/3.5A laptop power supply that my wife gave me after the dog chewed up the mains cord. I put a 2.1mm DC barrel plug on it for this amp.

As just a power amp, it has flat frequency response so it sounds awful without either a guitar-centric preamp or an EQ in front of it to dip out some mids. The idea is that you can use a POD or similar in front of it, and use this to get the output to a guitar cabinet with minimum fuss and weight.

If I could find a compact multichannel tube preamp that I actually liked, having something like this might even convince me to sell some of my home-use amps.